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Questions with AC Fans

  • Ask: What is AC fan?

    Answer: The fan of an AC unit connects to your indoor air handler. The fan will return the warm air in your home to the condenser. The re-circulated air will come back to the air handler where it's converted to cool air and dispersed throughout your system of ducts and vents into your home.

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  • Ask: Is there a fan that blows cold air?

    Answer: Regular fans don't blow cold air. It basically just blows air that's already in the room but the movement of air makes you feel colder. Aside from an air conditioner, the only other unit that blows cold air is an evaportive cooler.

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  • Ask: Does a fan help an air conditioner?

    Answer: Use Fans with Air Conditioning to Boost the Cooling Effect. When summer swelters, it's tempting to turn up the air conditioning to full blast to cool down your home. ... A fan is energy efficient and circulates a refreshing breeze through the room. But that soft breeze may not be enough to beat the heat.

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