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Questions with Thumbwheel Switches

  • Ask: What is a thumbwheel switch?

    Answer: A Thumbwheel Switch is a setting switch that converts the numeric value selected by turning a disk-shaped part on which numbers are written into a binary, decimal, hexadecimal, or other code using the combination of ON and OFF signals for multiple contact circuits and that outputs the resulting code.


  • Ask: What is a thumbwheel?

    Answer: Definition of thumbwheel. : a control for various devices consisting of a partially exposed wheel that can be turned by moving the exposed edge with a finger.


  • Ask: What is a BCD switch?

    Answer: Poorman's Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) Switch. ... It works the same way, if you use an 8 position switch. One disk is used for each of the three Ritron channel selection connections, CS0; CS1; and CS2 which have corresponding pin connectors on the DB-15 pin connector.

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