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Questions with Pushbutton Switches

  • Ask: How does a push button switch work?

    Answer: A push button switch is a small, sealed mechanism that completes an electric circuit when you press on it. When it's on, a small metal spring inside makes contact with two wires, allowing electricity to flow. When it's off, the spring retracts, contact is interrupted, and current won't flow.

  • Ask: What is a latching push button switch?

    Answer: A latching switch is a switch that maintains its state after being activated. A push-to-make, push-to-break switch would therefore be a latching switch \u2013 each time you actuate it, whichever state the switch is left in will persist until the switch is actuated again.

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  • Ask: What are momentary switches used for?

    Answer: Momentary switches are switches which only remain in their on state as long as they're being actuated (pressed, held, magnetized, etc.). Most often momentary switches are best used for intermittent user-input cases; stuff like reset or keypad buttons.

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