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Questions with Tactile Switches

  • Ask: What are the best tactile switches?

    Answer: Definition. These small sized switches are placed on PCBs and are used to close an electrical circuit when the button is pressed by a person. When the button is pressed, the switches turn ON and when the button is released, the switches turn OFF. A tactile switch is a switch whose operation is perceptible by touch.

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  • Ask: What do tactile switches feel like?

    Answer: Used mainly on PCBs to close an electrical circuit, tactile switches turn on only when a certain amount of pressure is applied. You can find illuminated, surface mount, hinged and sealed tactile switches that are ideal for use in low-power devices that require operator feedback for proper functioning.


  • Ask: What is the difference between linear and tactile switches?

    Answer: There are two types of Tactile Switches: Tactile Switches and Sealed Tactile Switches. They are further sub-categorized into PCB Insert Hole Terminals Types or PCB Surface Mounted Terminals Types, depending on how the switch is mounted to a PCB.

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  • Ask: Is a push button a switch?

    Answer: Tactile switches have a small tactile bump that provides resistance which can be felt at the point of key actuation. The switch itself is practically inaudible, omitting the click sound present in clicky switches. Tactile switches are versatile performers that cope well with a variety of different typing tasks.

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