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Questions with DIP Switches

  • Ask: What is a DIP switch used for?

    Answer: A DIP switch is a manual electric switch that is packaged with others in a group in a standard dual in-line package (DIP). The term may refer to each individual switch, or to the unit as a whole.

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  • Ask: What are DIP switches on a garage door opener?

    Answer: DIP switch. Updated: 09/15/2017 by Computer Hope. A DIP switch is a small switch in a DIP (dual in-line package) whose position changes the operating mode of a device. DIP switches are used to configure computer peripherals such as hard drives, modems, sound cards, and motherboards.

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  • Ask: How do you tell if a dip switch is on or off?

    Answer: A DIP switch facing upwards is "on", while a DIP switch facing downwards is "off". DIP switches 1 through 5 are used to determine which address that the 4219 will be set to. The address determines which specific hardwired zones the terminals on the 4219 will represent on the panel.

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