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Questions with Solid State Relays

  • Ask: What is the difference between a relay and a solid state relay?

    Answer: A solid-state relay (SSR) is an electronic switching device that switches on or off when a small external voltage is applied across its control terminals.

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  • Ask: Can solid state relays switch DC?

    Answer: Solid State Relays use semiconductors for no-contact operation. Solid-state Relays are not very different in operation from Contact Relays (Electromagnetic Relays). Solid-state Relays, however, consist of electronic parts with no mechanical contacts. ... Use both Relays in accordance with the intended use.

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  • Ask: Do solid state relays click?

    Answer: An SSR can be designed to switch a DC or an AC load, and some types are capable of switching both AC and DC loads. An SSR's output type (AC, DC, or AC/DC) is determined by the type of switching device: a transistor (either bipolar or MOS), an SCR, or a TRIAC.

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  • Ask: Why do solid state relays fail?

    Answer: The physical component within the electromechanical relay commonly makes a \u201cclick\u201d sound, which can actually be useful in some situations, though it can lead to internal arcing and takes a relatively large amount of time to move. A solid state relay just might be the poster child of the semiconductor industry.

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