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Questions with Audio Transformers

  • Ask: Why do some speakers have transformers?

    Answer: An audio transformer is an electromagnetic device that is intended to isolate an input circuit from an output circuit and possibly also provide filtering to a signal that passes through it.

  • Ask: How do you test an audio output transformer?

    Answer: An audio transformer with an impedance ratio of 15:1 is to be used to match the output of a power amplifier to a loudspeaker. If the output impedance of the amplifier is 120\u03a9. ... Then the power amplifier can efficiently drive an 8-ohm speaker.


  • Ask: Can transformer work as an amplifier?

    Answer: The first limitation is frequency response. By design, audio transformers only pass audio signals. Therefore, an audio transformer will reduce or block signals that are below or above the audio range of 20 - 20,000 Hz. ... If more than 25 dB of gain is required, an active preamplifier must be used instead of a transformer.

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  • Ask: What does an output transformer do?

    Answer: One of the main applications for audio frequency transformers is in impedance matching. Audio transformers are ideal for balancing amplifiers and loads together that have different input/output impedances in order to achieve maximum power transfer.

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