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Questions with LEDs - Lamp Replacements

  • Ask: Can you replace LED light bulbs?

    Answer: Inside the fixture you will not find the same LED bulbs being purchased today to replace existing incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs. ... Typically manufacturers do not simply install a conventional (and often bulky) light bulb socket that will accept LED replacement bulbs.

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  • Ask: Can you use LED bulbs in any lamp?

    Answer: Unfortunately, due to the heat entrapment of enclosed fixtures, not all LED light bulbs can be used. Or perhaps it is better to say that they should not be used. It may still be possible to use your regular LED bulb in the enclosed fixture, but with a shortened life span and the potential for premature dimming.

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  • Ask: Are there LED replacements for halogen bulbs?

    Answer: Can I replace my incandescent or halogen bulbs with LED bulbs? Yes, in many cases, you can simply replace your bulbs separately, one by one. ... Furthermore, LEDs can handle all hues of white light, so the warm yellowish light of halogen bulbs is perfectly within reach!

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  • Ask: Are there clear LED bulbs?

    Answer: 60-Watt Equivalent A19 Clear Glass Vintage Decorative Edison Filament Dimmable LED Light Bulb Soft White (24-Pack) Buy long lasting energy efficient LED bulbs for your home. This Home Depot LED Bulbs buying Guide helps you understand types of LED bulbs available for your home.

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